The OC Register visited with some of the CSUF Startup Incubator’s Residents, staff, and coaches to see what kind of progress has been made in launching businesses. What follows is an excerpt from the article:

Geoff Pascual is a self-taught painter taking his bold watercolor creations to the digital world.

The recent graduate of Cal State Fullerton’s entrepreneurship program has turned his passion for painting into a business by taking his artwork to conventions and galleries. He is now focused on connecting online audiences to his work.

“If you have an idea and you feel it kind of stirring in your soul, you definitely need to act on it right away because there is something there,” Pascual, 23, said.

Pascual is getting help from the CSUF Startup Incubator in Placentia. He receives face-to-face coaching from entrepreneurial professionals to move his business, Pascual Productions, forward.

“The Startup Incubator has helped me greatly in regards to networking, gaining feedback and advice from mentors and professionals from all walks of life,” he said. “It’s a great place to learn and gain knowledge about business when you’re surrounded by people with similar mindsets.”

The incubator launched two years ago in downtown Placentia to support new ventures by students, alumni and community members. The 900-square-foot space features a meeting room and study rooms for mentoring and networking events. The fee-based program has accepted 22 resident startups, of which 15 remain active at the incubator.

“For us, incubation is a six-month program where we collaborate with residents and then set them free,” said John Bradley Jackson, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and director of the Startup Incubator. “The world of investing is a brutal place and at our incubator, we can speak the truth and coach them with the intent of helping the business succeed and avoid mistakes.”

What’s unique about Cal State Fullerton’s incubator is that each participant, in addition to being paired up with an experienced mentor, gets assigned a team of business or entrepreneurship students to support and collaborate with the startup.